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Luisa and Domenico bought the building at the end of the eighties, the farmhouse needed restructuring so they rolled up their sleeves and made “La Buona Terra” the beautiful place that it is today. Both stem from farming families around Padova, marked by hard work and a strong connection to the fields and cattle farm that provided for them.

At the end of the nineties Luisa and Domenico left their jobs and started this huge project to provide a better future for Angela and Stella, their daughters. Over the years the farmhouse became bigger offering more services, agricultural holding, accommodation, natural restaurant, education farm and camping. La Buona Terra continues to grow thanks to Angela e Stella and their creativity.

[timeline_item 0=””][timeline_inner_item image=”2484″ date=”1986″ title=”THE WAY IT WAS” description=”This is one of the first photos of the main building taken when Luisa and Domenico came to live with their two little daughters.”][timeline_inner_item image=”2485″ date=”1999″ title=”THE FIRST GROUPS OF PUPILS” description=”It was one of the first businesses opened by our company.”][timeline_inner_item image=”2487″ date=”2000″ title=”THE OPENING OF OUR ACCOMMODATIONS” description=”It was summer and for the very first time our company hosted a group of tourists.”][timeline_inner_item image=”2486″ title=”WELCOME TO OUR RESTAURANT!” description=”Our largest room inside the restaurant.” date=”2009″][timeline_inner_item image=”2488″ date=”now” title=”THE WAY WE ARE TODAY” description=”The main building holds the rooms and the restaurant.”][/timeline_item]