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and respect

We breed cattle, pigs and laying hens with care and passion.

The farm is situated in the Padova countryside in Cervarese Santa Croce. Our animals are treated with love and respect, fed with natural elements from the farm. This is the secret that makes our products healthy, savoury and full of flavour.

The animals live in an ample green space outdoors and the property extends for 15 hectares. It is divided into cultivated fields and breeding. We raise cows and pigs in an environment that guarantees their well-being allowing them to run around freely and play in the mud.

We have also a small battery of free range hens, giving them the space they need for scratching about in total liberty.

In our fields we cultivate wheat, barley, rye, marano corn (used in polenta), seasonal vegetables, orchards of stone fruits and forages for the breeding.

from 1999


The company and all its inhabitants